Girl’s Body Found in Trash Can

Local news reports a girl’s body was found today by a Public Works employee in a trash can in Columbia Heights. According to reports, the girl appeared to be in her late teens and police are investigating the death as a homicide.

Nini Jin is one among about a dozen neighbors who live in the apartment building that sits in front of the trash bin. She said when she came home and went out her back door to take out her trash, she was met by police officers.

They told me I better not go out that way because a body was found in the blue recycling bin,” she said. “Then they told me I’d see it on the news tonight.”

Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham said in an email message to Ward 1:

The loss of life anywhere is tragic. However, the circumstances in which this young woman was found is especially troubling.

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A roundup of embedded news video covering the case is on HWDC here.

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