Jim Graham on Columbia Heights Death Investigation

Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham released the following message this afternoon regarding a girl’s body found in a trash receptacle in Columbia Heights Monday afternoon. Graham says the victim is believed to be a missing Maryland girl and the investigation is ongoing.


Yesterday’s discovery of the body of a young woman in a dumpster was horrendous. MPD Detectives are actively investigating the death and will keep me advised as appropriate.

I offer my sincere sympathies to the family and friends of the young woman. I also want to express my concern and support to the DPW team that reported the body. DPW workers have encountered a lot of tragedy recently.

And finally, the neighborhood as a whole is also impacted by such a gruesome discovery. The loss of life anywhere is tragic. However, the circumstances in which this young woman was found is especially troubling. I will share information as I receive it from MPD. Apparently, the young lady had been reported missing from her home in suburban Maryland.

Bests, Councilmember Jim Graham

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