Dear Readers;

I want to take a quick moment to thank all of you who have visited Homicide Watch D.C. over the past eight weeks. This site is a labor of love (as well as a work in progress) and that you are finding useful and helpful information and ways to connect is so rewarding.

Because Homicide Watch D.C. is designed to be a community news site, I’m hoping you might take moment to share some of your thoughts about what you have seen here and what you would like to see here. A short survey follows the jump and you can leave your responses in comments or by emailing them to me at homicidewatchdc [at]

1. How did you hear about Homicide Watch D.C.?
2. Why did you decide to visit the site?
3. Was the first page you saw the home page or a story? What was your first impression of it?
4. About how many times have you been back to Homicide Watch since your first visit?
5. Has Homicide Watch provided or helped you find information you were looking for? If so, what specifically?
6. How often are you likely to visit Homicide Watch?
7. Have you subscribed to the news feed or followed @homicidewatch on twitter?
8. What would you likely use the site for?
9. What would you like to see on Homicide Watch?
10. Any other thoughts?

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