Neighborly notes about Kwan Kearney?

A post at The District Curmudgeon came our way this morning thanks to @bogrosemary.

According to The District Curmudgeon, neighbors of Kwan Kearney‘s family have received notes in the mail this week alerting them to their proximity to the defendant. (A photo of a note is here.)

Kearney is currently charged with first-degree murder in two D.C. cases. On Monday Judge Herbert Dixon ruled in a preliminary hearing that Kearney would be tried for the death of Jamal Wilson. Kearney is expected in court Friday for a preliminary hearing in the death of Joseph Alonzo Sharps Jr.

@bogrosemary wanted to know if HWDC has heard of this before; we haven’t but we’ve only been up and running for a couple weeks. Has anyone received these notes in other cases?

And if you received one about Kearney, I invite you to send it in to include in our documents library. E-mail a scanned copy to HomicideWatchDC [at]

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