Teen Prince Okorie was a Witness in Homicide Investigation, Godleski's Family Says

The Hour, in Norwalk, Conn., is reporting that teen Prince Okorie was one of five witnesses whose accounts were used to build the government’s case against Eric Foreman, accused in the murder of Neil Godleski in Petworth Aug. 22.

NBC Washington reported earlier this month that Okorie’s friends may have suspected him of “snitching,” but Godleski’s family told the The Hour in today’s report that Okorie was a witness and that they had discussed the case with D.C. police.

The police have assured me that even though one of the witnesses has been murdered, the case is still very strong,” Godleski’s mother, Heidi Godleski, told The Hour.

Okorie’s killing has prompted the Godleski family to question D.C.’s justice system, particularly DYRS.

The Godleskis are wondering whether Foreman, who has a lengthy criminal record, was under the supervision of the juvenile justice system at the time of Neil Godleski’s death. They’re also questioning why the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia refused to take Foreman’s case, citing “a conflict of interest.”

It’s not the police, nor the prosecutor, that is impeding the Godleskis. It is the system that is not allowing us to have this information,” said Heidi Godleski.

Daniel Godleski said the answers to their questions may be unearthed as Foreman’s case moves to trial. In the meantime, he is calling for greater scrutiny over the juvenile justice system overseeing the District of Columbia.

Is the law protecting the juvenile, or is the law protecting the system, because the system is falling apart?” he asked.

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