We Remember, Part 2

One hundred and thirty one names are on Metro PD’s list of people who were killed in D.C. in 2010. Ja-Kai Wilson, just four months old at the time of death, was the city’s youngest homicide victim; Irvan Jackson, a 68-year-old Oxen Hill, Md man, was the city’s oldest.

Homicide Watch has pulled information on the cases from Metro Police press releases and reward posters, city records from the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, press reports and queries to D.C. Metro Police Spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump. The result is a spreadsheet that is not complete, but that we are satisfied gives a more complete view of how murder cases were prosecuted in 2010 as well as who died, when and where.

In October 2010 Homicide Watch D.C. launched with the commitment to bring you as much information as possible about every homicide in the District. Unfortunately we can’t go back and record each of these cases on our site; with two homicides already in 2011, and a calendar of court appearances for defendants in some of 2010’s cases, there just isn’t the time.

We encourage you to help out. There are holes in this list. If you can add a victim’s age, or are following a case and know it’s status, please help make this record complete by adding what you know. The spreadsheet is public and anyone can edit it. Or make an addition by posting a comment or emailing us at homicidewatchdc [at] gmail.com.

View the full spreadsheet

Building this spreadsheet was a marathon. Here’s a chronological list of links following it’s creation:

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