Glenn Bailey Killed in Parking Lot Fight

In a northeast DC parking lot on Tuesday, prosecutors believe Glenn Bailey, in the heat of an argument, told a woman to “get her boyfriend.”

She said she could “do it herself,” and the two exchanged blows in the Edgewood parking lot. Bailey was killed when a man pushed the woman aside, and stabbed Bailey at least four times, breaking one of his ribs and puncturing his lung, according to charging documents in the case.

Bailey died less than a half hour later.

Two witnesses identified Damien Pannell, a 30-year-old man who has no fixed address according to MPD, as the man responsible for the stabbing. A third witness, who did not know any of the people involved in the fight, did not pick Pannell out of a photo lineup.

Pannell, whose name is spelled in jail records as “Pannel,” is due in court June 24 for a preliminary hearing.

Charging documents are after the jump.

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