Damien Pannell Held in Death of Glenn Bailey

Damien Pannell was ordered held today on suspicion of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Glenn Bailey in an Edgewood parking lot.

Bailey, a 46-year-old man, was stabbed four times in a mid-Tuesday afternoon fight.

Prosecutors believe that Bailey and a woman were fighting in the parking lot after the woman got mad at Bailey for jumping in front of other customers in line at a liquor store. The two threw punches at each other before Pannell pushed the woman, his girlfriend, aside and stabbed Bailey.

At a preliminary hearing Friday afternoon, Pannell’s defense attorney, Madalyn Harvey, told Judge Thomas Motley Pannell could have had good reason to get involved in the fight.

This is a young man going to the defense of his girlfriend who was being punched by a man larger than her,” Harvey said.

Still, Motley ruled that probable cause that Pannell is responsible for second-degree murder exists and ordered that he be held at least until a status hearing in the case on Nov. 8.

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