Charging documents describe posturing, fatal gunfight following Caribbean Festival

Terry Jimenez appeared in DC Superior Court today, shackled and wearing civilian clothes but with no evidence of an injury police say he suffered in the Saturday shootout that killed Robert Foster Jr. following the Caribbean Festival in Northwest DC.

Jimenez, who will be 20 years old in August, was in court to be presented with one charge of second-degree murder while armed in connection with Fosters’ death. His father was in court for the hearing.

Investigators say Jimenez, a member of the Hobart Stars crew, was posturing against a member of the Clifton Terrace University crew along Georgia Avenue on Saturday afternoon. When the other man turned to leave the street with his two friends, Jimenez and his friends followed them. The men’s posturing turned to showing each other their weapons, then Jimenez walked toward the CTU men, ducked behind a car, and fired his .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol at them. Two of the men answered back with gunfire of their own in his direction.

Jimenez, Foster, and two others were shot. Foster, whose lower back and spinal cord were struck, died. Jimenez was shot in the arm and was released from George Washington Hospital Sunday.

During this exchange of gunfire, numerous uninvolved citizens were virtually trapped by and between the gunfire,” MPD Detective Jeffrey Clay Jr. wrote in an affidavit in support of Jimenez’ arrest.

At his presentment Monday, Jimenez did not say anything or show any emotion. According to the charging documents, Jimenez initially told investigators that he fired his weapon in self-defense in response to gunfire from the rivaling crew.

Clay wrote in the affadavit that he has known Jimenez for 5 years, since Jimenez was about 14 years old, and has interacted with him “at least” 15 times. Clay added that Jimenez was a friend of Columbia Heights teen Lucki Pannell, who was killed in a shooting in February. Clay said Jimenez was the target in that shooting.

Jimenez’ preliminary hearing has been scheduled for July 18 in Judge Jackson’s courtroom at 9 a.m. He is being held without bond until that time.

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