Caribbean Festival Shooting Links Roundup

A roundup of coverage of the fatal shooting following the Caribbean Festival in DC Saturday, including interviews with Robert Foster Jr’s family and more about suspect Terry Jimenez.

Man Accused in Shooting Only Returned to D.C. Last Week DCist

One week. That’s how long it took Terry Allen Jimenez, arrested and charged with second-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing an innocent man last Saturday, to get back into trouble in D.C. after he left town for safety reasons.

D.C. man charged in slaying of man near Caribbean Festival parade Washington Post

Thought to have been the intended target of a deadly drive-by shooting in February, Terry Allen Jimenez was told by authorities to leave town — and he did, staying with a family member out of state.

Last Monday, they got word that he was back. On Monday, Jimenez, 19, was charged with second-degree murder while armed in connection with the Saturday shooting death of Robert Foster Jr., police said.

Family of Caribbean Carnival Festival Murder Victim Robert Foster Jr. Speaks Out MyFoxDC

Friends and family have been rushing to Anita Mosley’s side after learning her 43-year-old son, Robert Foster Jr., was killed in the melee that broke out between rival gangs on Gresham Place last Saturday.

He was a kind, fun loving person,” Mosley says about her son. “Everybody was a friend.”

Police arrest 19-year-old in Caribbean festival shootings WTOP

Lanier says the shootings had nothing to do with the Caribbean festival, which she says has gone on peacefully in the city for years.

This is why we put all of our efforts into pursuing gang members, because they are reckless with their violence,” Lanier says.

Lanier says others involved in the shooting should turn themselves in.

Festival shooting suspect dodged rivals, policeThe Examiner

A 19-year-old gang member charged in the deadly shooting near the Caribbean Festival had been transferred out of state for his own safety earlier this year after a previous attempt on his life that left a 17-year-old high school girl dead, authorities said.

Authorities said Terry Jiminez returned to the District and stalked his rivals at the festival near Howard University. Now another innocent bystander is dead.

Jiminez was charged with second degree murder in the slaying of 43-year-old Robert Foster Jr., one of three innocent people hit in the hail of gunfire Saturday.

They were caught in the crossfire between two rival gangs,” said D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, “which is why we go so aggressively after gangs because they will shoot indiscriminately, with crowds of people around, including children, without any regard for anybody’s safety.”

After Shooting Near Caribbean Parade, Group Says Funds Are Needed To Fight Gangs WAMU

Hours before Terry Jiminez was arraigned in court on murder charges, Ron Moten and other organizers with the gang-prevention group the Peaceaholics were out at the scene of the shooting, criticizing city officials for cutting the organization’s budget.

We want to come together and do what we teach these children do: Put aside your differences and do what’s best for our community,” Moten says.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says she welcomes anyone who wants to help prevent gang violence.

If others want to jump in volunteer to help us out, we would be happy to have them,” says Lanier.

Family of Caribbean Carnival Festival Murder Victim Robert Foster Jr. Speaks Out:

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