City Paper: Prince Okorie Murder Suspect Injured in Jail Stabbing

Washington City Paper is reporting that Raymond Roseboro, the man suspected of killing Petworth teen Prince Okorie, was stabbed in jail and required hospitalization. He has since returned to jail.

Reports City Paper:

Raymond Roseboro was brutally stabbed five times last Friday in the D.C. Jail. His mother, Raylette Roseboro, says her son was “stabbed twice in the chest, once in the back, once in the shoulder and once in the forehead.”

She also says that, at first, the jail kept her in the dark about the situation. City Desk has learned that the jail is currently “reviewing” why.

When she heard of the stabbing hours after the attack, through a cousin who’d spoken with one of Roseboro’s fellow inmates, Raylette Roseboro called the jail wanting to know what happened—and ask why, as her son’s emergency contact, she hadn’t been told about the attack. The jail was combative, she says. “We don’t have to call you and tell you anything because it’s not life-threatening,” she says she was told.

Roseboro is due in court next Thursday for a status hearing in his case.

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