Comment of the Day

This comment of the day comes from “Hurt and Confused,” who wrote in about Terry Jimenez‘ arrest following the Caribbean Festival fatal shoot-out and his connection to Lucki Pannell‘s murder case.

There is much more to this story than the police are saying and I hope it’s for someone’s safety. I always said it was weird that there were other people there when Lucki was shot and the police didn’t catch anyone. Lucki’s passing is the single most devastating thing to happen to me in my entire life and I need some answers. Her family needs some answers and someone needs to be punished for it. I will never get over her death and even if they find out who did it, it wont bring her back. The disregard for human life in this city is just downright pathetic. It is really sad when young people dont care if they die or go to jail. She didnt deserve to die and if you didnt mean to shoot her, you need to come forward before you meet the same fate.

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