Suspect in Darrel Hendy Murder In Custody in Md. for Murder of Doodley Derose

Government prosecutors said Thursday that a man suspected by D.C. authorities of taking part in the Sept. 2010 murder of Darrel Hendy is currently in custody in Maryland and awaiting a first-degree murder trial there.

AUSA Emily Miller told Judge Thomas Motley that Corey Yates is expected to stand trial in Maryland on Aug. 15. WTOP reported that Yates, 21, was wanted in connection with the Dec. 2010 shooting death of Doodley Derose in Wheaton. Wheaton Patch reported that Yates turned himself in to authorities.

Miller said DC authorities have not secured an indictment for Yates and he has not been presented with any charges in connection with the Hendy case. She said investigators were trying to locate “a couple more witnesses” to testify before the Grand Jury about Yates’ alleged involved in Hendy’s death.

Miller said Yates, if indicted in Hendy’s death, could be tried in Maryland, tried in DC, then sentenced for the Derose case if convicted.

Two men have already been charged with Hendy’s death: Chamontae Walker and Meeko Sha Carraway. On Thursday Walker and Carraway were each indicted on eight counts related to Hendy’s death, including charges of first-degree murder while armed.

Walker and Carraway both pleaded innocent to the charges.

They are next due in court Aug. 5 for a status hearing and a trial date has been set for Sep. 26. Motley said it could be possible that Yates, if indicted in the case, could stand trial at the same time.

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