Man Suspected in Md. Homicide Charged in DC Case

A man currently in custody in Maryland on suspicion of first-degree murder there has been indicted by DC’s grand jury on a murder charge here in connection with the shooting death of Darrel Hendy.

Corey Yates is scheduled to be presented with the first-degree murder charge, and additional charges including conspiracy and firearms charges, on Aug. 16.

Co-defendants in the case, Meeko Carraway and Chamantae Walker, were arraigned in the case on Friday. Both of the men pleaded “not guilty.”

A trial date has been set for Feb. 21, 2012.

Yates, who will be 22-years-old on Tuesday, is due to stand trial on Jan. 9, 2012 in Montgomery County for the Dec. 2010 shooting death of Doodley Derose in Wheaton. Read the docket in that case here.

Read the Grand Jury’s indictment after the jump.

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