Comment of the Day: Barbara Lloyd

This comment of the day comes from Tjlove214, who wrote in about Barbara Lloyd.

She said:

I wanted everybody to know that this woman has a name”Barbara Lloyd” and she is no jane doe!!!!!! She has a big family that loves her very much!!! I am very proud to say she was my Aunt and I will miss her laugh and her beautiful personality. She had a rough life but she would always find a way to make others laugh and lift your spirits. She was loving,kind hearted,funny,smart,very giving,unique and loved very hard and unconditionaly.I had the pleasure of her living with my family and I as a child. My heart is broken and I will not rest until the Monster who stoled her from us like a theif in the night is brought to justice!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!! LOVE YOUR NIECE BUTTONS!

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