Comment of the Day: “As a teacher I have to ask myself what I could have done differently?”

This comment of the day comes from Shamara Moore, who wrote in about Jamar Freeman and Derek Johnson.

These were two children. Boys who had been getting away with little petty inappropriate behaviors for years. Our system sets our young men up for prison life by allowing them to get away with stuff until they are old enough to trap them. Derek is not a bad person and yet his life is over because of a decision made at 17. He is not a man. He is not an adult. When are we going to save our children. We lost two children and countless lives have been altered forever. Who is responsible? Our children, community, children will only be saved through love and unity. We have to teach them a new way. There is no closure or healing for me in this. As a teacher I have to ask myself what I could have done differently? Every person that knew these boys should ask themselves the same. One thing I know is that change starts with me. U cant change the world only how u respond to it.

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