Barry Farms Stabbing will be Prosecuted as Assault while Medical Examiner Determines Cause of Death

A case initially described as a homicide has been charged as an assault and removed from the year’s homicide total while DC’s Medical Examiner works to determine a cause of death.

Jodie Ward was found unconscious in a child’s bedroom in a home in Southeast DC late Thursday night. According to charging documents, a knife was protruding from his left ear.

It is unclear at this point though whether wounds inflicted from the knife contributed to his death, charging documents state.

Felicia Jones was arrested in connection with the case and is charged with assault with intent to kill. While in an interview room at MPD’s violent crimes branch, Jones placed a call on her cell phone and stated that she “had to hurt Jodie” and that she had “tried for the throat.”

Jones was presented with the assault charge Saturday and is expected in court Nov. 17 for a preliminary hearing.

Read charging documents below.

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