Weekend Read: How DYRS Ignored Judge’s Recomendations for Tyronn Garner

MyFoxDC has this story, which is our Weekend Read this week, about how DYRS ignored a DC judge’s recommendations for Tyronn Garner, a DC youth who was killed in a shooting in Georgetown on Halloween.

The problem with this particular case” said [Jim Graham], “Is that we don’t know why DYRS management decided not to follow what they had agreed to do and what the judge had recommended because people are sent for drug treatment all the time to Abraxas by DYRS.”

What really troubles Graham is the fact there is no drug treatment at New Beginnings.

There in lies the rub of what went wrong, now there are other questions about this case but that’s the principle question and of course under this shield of confidentiality we can’t find out why they did it,” said Graham.

Questions Why DYRS Didn’t Follow Judge’s Recommendation on Tyronn Garner: MyFoxDC.com

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