Christian Navarrette-Rivas to Concede Probable Cause in Fatal Hit-and-Run Gang Case

A preliminary hearing for Christian Navarrette-Rivas was postponed again today. It is the second postponement for the case.

Navarrette-Rivas, who was 16 when he was arrested in October, is suspected of second-degree murder while armed. Prosecutors allege that he struck Miguel Angel Drullard Jr with a vehicle during a gang argument in the 4400 block of 14th Street NW on Oct. 6. Drullard died of his injuries.

Prosecutor JP Cooney and defense attorney Chiquisha Robinson told Judge Lynn Leibovitz Thursday morning that if a preliminary hearing happens, Navarrette-Rivas will concede that there is probable cause for the government to charge him in the case and will waive his right to cross-examine witnesses. Cooney said it was also possible that the case could be resolved before the next preliminary hearing date, which is Jan. 24.

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