Albrecht Muth Hospitalized During Hunger Strike

Albrecht Muth missed a court appointment Friday morning because he was in the hospital, Judge Russell Canan said.

Muth, suspected in the death of his wife, Georgetown socialite Viola Drath, has been on a hunger strike since November.

Canan said it wasn’t clear Friday morning whether or not Muth’s hospitalization was related to his hunger strike or not. If it is, and if Muth’s condition is serious, Muth’s legal self-representation could be revoked, Canan said.

Canan said Muth, if his mental or physical condition is seriously impaired by his hunger strike, could be subject to guardianship or civil commitment.

Muth has maintained his innocence against the charge of second-degree murder and has protested his treatment at D.C. jail. He has not been indicted on any charge. In court Friday, the prosecutor assigned to the case said he anticipated having an indictment and being able to arraign Muth next month.

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