Charging Documents Describe how Witnesses Helped Police Close JaParker Deoni Jones Homicide

Documents charging Gary Montgomery with fatally stabbing JaParker Deoni Jones leave open the possibility that Jones could have been the subject of a robbery attempt.

Two witnesses who were stopped at a red light close to the bus stop where Jones was killed told police that Jones was struck in the face and her purse grabbed by the perpetrator. When one of the witnesses confronted the man, he dropped the purse and ran. One of the witnesses gave pursuit and aprehended him, but was distracted when the other witness yelled for help, giving the man the opportunity to escape.

MPD released part of a surveillance video from the crime, showing a man believed to be the perpetrator leaving the crime scene. Members of the public identified that man as a panhandler in the neighborhood near the bus stop. MPD said they responded to the tip and arrested Niles.

A preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 23.

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