Week in Review

In brief:

Charging documents in the case against Reginald Green state that his fight with Alfonza Flythe began in the cafeteria of a New York Avenue homeless shelter and that Flythe may have thrown a punch at Green. Green is accused of fatally stabbing Flythe during the fight.

The trial of five men charged in the South Capitol Street shooting that killed five young people and injured nine more began this week. Homicide Watch D.C. has a roundup of local coverage of the case.

The trial of Rickey Pharr, charged with fatally shooting Angelo Jones over a rumor that Jones was a police informant, was underway this week. The trial has been delayed several times by legal arguments. Witnesses in the case have told the court that they have been afraid to testify in the case; one woman said that after she testified to the grand jury, her mother told the neighborhood that she was a “snitch.”

Wayne A. Jackson, a 22-year-old Capitol Heights Md. man, was arrested on suspicion of felony murder in connection with the stabbing death of Kevin Blackwell Jr. He is the third suspect to be arrested in the case.

Katrell Henry, 37, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the shooting death of Laroy Bryant. He was convicted in November of voluntary manslaughter while armed in the case.

Francisco Orlando Rivas, a 19-year-old from Hyattsville, Md., was killed in a shooting in Northeast DC Thursday evening. A vigil was held at the scene of the shooting Friday night.

Fox5 reported on the case of a Maryland man who lost his job after MPD detectives told his boss that he was a suspect in the Heritage India murder case. The man has been cleared, but did not get his job back.

A grand jury investigation into Karl Pugh‘s role in the shooting death of Quentin Joavor Ragland is complete and a formal charge in the case is expected this week.

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