AP: Albrecht Muth Case Twists and Turns Have “Veered it Off-Course”

Fox5 and WJLA are both running an extensive AP story backgrounding Albrecht Muth and Viola Drath.

AP writes:

She was a 91-year-old expatriate journalist with a deep fluency in foreign affairs and a taste for fashion and art. Her husband, German-born and four decades her junior, boasted of wide-reaching connections in international circles, claimed to be an Iraqi army brigadier general and strolled the neighborhood in a military-style uniform while puffing cigars.

The peculiar marriage of Viola Drath and Albrecht Muth, by turns tempestuous and detached, ended last August when Drath was found dead inside the couple’s fashionable row house. Her husband, who reported finding her body, was charged with murder.

The slaying of an elderly socialite in the tony Georgetown neighborhood captivated Washington. But the substance of the allegations has so far been overshadowed by bizarre twists and turns that have lent the case a circus-like atmosphere and veered it off-course.

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