Comment of the Day: “Justice has been Served”

UPDATED with comment from Aisha Jones

Angelo Jones‘ mother, Diane Jenkins, issued the following statement today following the “guilty” verdict in the case against Rickey Pharr:

I the Mother of Angelo Jones wishes to give thanks to God, Regan Taylor, Det. Gus,The Courts, Jury, The Government, MPD,The Detectives,Medical Examiner,Gun Expert and all those who help in this case. Although it will not bring my son back,but it will stop him(Ricky Pharr aka Packy) from doing this to another person,Son,Father,Brother,Uncle and Friend. I also would like to thank God again and my daughters Aisha, Aaronica, Cheryl for there persistant in this matter also my daughter Aisha Jones was at every status hearing and trial along with Cheryl,Keona,Pam I would like to thank them also. My son was very close to his kids very close and not only did Packy take their dad away from them for ever the sad part of this is Lochie will never be able to attend his kids graduation’s, take his daughter to the father daughter dance or tell his son(Angelo Jr. About girls and what they like this is something that will hurt them the most,but with the help of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ he will help them through it all JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED AND NOW WE MUST THANK GOD AND CONVICT THE OTHER PERSON ALSO IT WILL NEVER END.


My opinion on the verdict is this I am satisfied with it and I am glad that the jury saw what I saw a man kill an unarmed man from behind, I lost a brother and my bestfriend, we were like unbreakable he meant the world to me and I wouldn’t ask for anything more I miss my brother more than words can say, I would like to thank Regan Taylor,Det.Gus,The Jury,MPD, Medical Examiner, Gun Expert,The Judge and all the witnesses that came forward and TOLD THE TRUTH, I am thinking about all other famalies that have lost a loved on to homicide and wish for them to get justice also,however I must admit that this was very tuff for our family, I would also like to thank My husband for being there for me through all of this and also a few close family members who I love dearly Cheryl,Plum,Keona & Pam they helped me more than they know, also my brother left behind two wonderful & smart children Angel & Angelo Jones Jr we must keep them in our hearts and prayers because they need us the most; R.I.Paradise&peace Lochie aka Toast WE LOVE & MISS U “GONE BUT U WILL NEVER EVER EVER BE!!!!!!! -Aisha Jones

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