Charging documents describe fight over dog before stabbing

Ellsworth Colbert was ordered held today on a charge of second-degree murder while armed in the death of Robert Wright, a man prosecutors say died in a fight about a dog.

According to the charging documents, Wright, 37, was walking a dog in the 3500 block of Pope Street SE when he encountered Colbert, 56.

Colbert was upset about the dog being near his yard and confronted Wright about it, asking who the owner of the dog was. When Wright told him, Colbert walked to the owner’s house with a knife and a walking stick in hand.

But Colbert continued arguing with Wright and a witness said that after the men walked to the dog owners’ home Colbert punched Wright multiple times in the back of the head and body.

Wright grabbed a shovel from the rear of the home, then walked back toward Colbert as if to strike him. The men continued the fight, striking each other with the shovel and walking stick.

After the fight, the two separated and Wright collapsed on the ground. Two witnesses said Wright had been stabbed several times. Wright died from stabbing wounds yesterday morning at Prince George’s County Hospital.

Colbert’s attorney entered a “not guilty” plea today at his court appearance.

Colbert is scheduled for a preliminary hearing March 15 at 9:25 a.m. with Judge Thomas Motley.

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