South Capitol Trial Links Roundup: Nathaniel Simms

Nathaniel Simms testified for a second day Thursday in the South Capitol Street murder case, telling the jury that he and his former co-defendants, now standing trial, shot at a group of mourners killing four and injuring six.

Reports the Washington Post:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Brittin asked Simms why he took part in the shootings. Simms began to sob.

“There’s no good explanation, but I witnessed a murder,” said Simms, referring to the shooting of Howe. “It ain’t easy to walk away from something like that and think you’re not going to be a liability to the people who you saw do stuff.”

Simms continued: “Man, we killed a lot of innocent people. That haunts me. People say I’m a sucka for being up here now but, man, I was a sucka for not stopping it.”

Attorneys for the defendants are expected to cross-examine Simms next week. They have indicated that they believe Simms has falsely implicated their clients in exchange for favor from prosecutors in his own case.

Nathaniel Simms Testifies in South Capitol Street Mass Shootings in DC:

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