Mental Health Report: Michael Davis Alert, Pleasant, Cooperative, Incompetant

A psychologist who examined Petworth teen Michael Davis in advance of his preliminary hearing on charges that he struck at least three people with a hammer, killing one of them, described the teen as alert, pleasant, and cooperative, but noted that he showed cognitive deficits and would require intense therapy in order to be able to proceed with his case.

The psychologist’s report was made public Friday after Judge Robert Morin ruled earlier in the week that the document must be unsealed.

Davis, 19, is suspected of murder in the death of 66-year-old retired Denver nurse Gary Dederichs as well as two counts of assault with intent to kill in two other attacks.

The mental health examination was ordered prior to the preliminary hearing. In the examination, Davis reported that he attended a special education school. Others reported that he had been treated for mental health disorders, including schizophrenia, in the past. In one incident his mother and teacher both reported being “afraid of him.”

Based, in part, on these reports, the psychologist concluded that Davis was incompetent to proceed to trial. The examining psychologist suggested that Davis receive “intensive group and individual competency classes with an emphasis on visual clues along with mock trial scenarios.”

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