David Shepherd Ordered Held in Shooting Death of Henry Miller

David Shepherd was ordered held today pending a preliminary hearing on a charge that he shot and killed Henry Miller in Southeast DC early Sunday morning.

Charging documents in the case state that uniformed police officers in the neighborhood where Miller was shot observed a white truck drive past them. Soon after a witness told them that a man wearing a red shirt and a red hat and driving a white truck was connected to Miller’s death.

A lookout for the truck was issued and the truck was spotted by police. The driver fled from officers, who pursued him. When the driver was finally stopped three and a half miles away officers noticed a revolver lying beneath the driver’s seat. The driver wore a red shirt and had a red hat. Police identified him as David Sheperd.

An eyewitness to the shooting told police that a person it knew as “Shep” was fighting with Miller just before the shooting. The two were separated, the witness said, when “Shep” walked back towards Miller, pulled something from his waistband, and point at Miller. The witness reported seeing sparks and then Miller fell to the ground bleeding.

Shepherd’s defense attorney, Chris Roberts, told the court that that eyewitness’s account was unreliable because there was no information about how well that person knew either “Shep” or Miller. Roberts said that despite having a criminal record, Shepherd is gainfully employed and has been in compliance with the conditions of his release.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 6 with Judge William Jackson. Shepherd is listed in court documents as David Shepherd.

Charging documents are below.

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