Michael Davis Still Mentally Incompetent to Proceed with Court Proceedings

Michael Davis, the 19-year-old brother of NFL stars Vernon and Vontae Davis, remains mentally unfit to participate in the murder proceedings against him.

That determination, the second in the case, was made by the Department of Mental Health and announced at a hearing Friday at DC Superior Court. Davis was first found mentally incompetent in May.

Davis is suspected of two counts of assault with the intent to kill and one count of first-degree murder.

The assaults involve five hammer assaults in Petworth, including one that killed 66-year-old Denver nurse Gary Dederichs.

The report states that Davis does not seem to have a full understanding of court proceedings. “He remains confused about several key components essential to attaining competency to proceed,” the report states.

Judge Robert Morin ordered that Davis continue receiving treatment at St. Elizabeths. Davis is scheduled for another mental health observation hearing on Sept. 21.

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