Lester Wright Sentenced to 12 Years for Second Degree Murder

Lester Wright was sentenced to 12 years in prison Friday for the shooting death of Howard Williams.

Wright pleaded guilty to second degree murder while armed in March.

Williams was killed in Aug 2011. According to charging documents in the case, Williams, Wright, and Wright’s aunt all lived together in an apartment on 18th Place NE. An argument between Wright and the two others in the house preceded the shooting, a witness told police.

The sentence was four years fewer than the government had asked for.

Defense attorney Madalyn Harvey asked Beck to give Wright a sentence lower than what is normally given for the crime because of Wright’s lack of previous convictions and his character.

Mr. Wright is one of the sweetest clients I have ever had and it makes me so sad to see him her,” said Harvey.

He is so remorseful for what he’s done and I think a longer sentence will just harm him more. It’s just not necessary and he’s never going to do it again,” she said.

Wright also apologized to the court for the crime himself. “I’m here to do anything I can to take responsibility for this crime,” he said.

Beck’s sentence came as a result of letters sent to the court of Wright’s behalf and a recent mental illness diagnosis. “I am persuaded that he has an untreated mental illness and I do believe that Mr. Wright was truly remorseful,” Beck said.

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