Comment of the Day: “i know my stepdad fought you guys off until he couldnt nomore”

This Comment of the Day comes from Ms Green, who wrote about Carlos Bernard Alexander:

this was my stepdad for for 18 years he taught us alot the day he was killed was the worst day in our lives he didnt deserve to die the way he did he was already having heath problems instead of u letting god take him wen it was his time you guys took his life for some pocket change a car that u wasnt going to be able to keep i know my stepdad fought you guys off until he couldnt nomore that was him a fighter an he stood up for what was right i wish he was still here at times to guide our family throught these tough times but he not an the messed up part is that after he was killed his mom past away a couple of month later an i believe ten & eight years wasnt enough i wish all is well for u guys while ya r in remember u going to come home in years but he not never coming home to us not never love dad

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