Delrico Shuford Pleads Innocent to Murder of Tyrell Fogle

A 21-count indictment charging a DC street gang with murder, conspiracy, and other crimes, has been amended to include a sixth suspect: 20-year-old Delrico Shuford.

Shuford was added to the indictment Wednesday, charged with conspiracy and first-degree murder in connection with the 2011 shooting death of Tyrell Fogle. Shuford pleaded innocent at his arraignment before Judge Herbert Dixon Thursday.

According to documents in the case, Fogyle was shot by masked men who chased him through Langston Terrace. Bullets struck Fogle three times in his back.

Anthony Hatton was arrested in connection with Fogle’s death on Aug. 29, 2011, the same night as the incident. According to court records, two MPD officers witnessed the shooting and chased Hatton through a neighborhood. Hatton is believed to have eventually dropped a gun, put up his hands, and came out from hiding behind a bush. He is expected to be arraigned in connection with the case on Jan. 18.

Prosecutors say the shooting was the product of an ongoing feud between “21st and Vietnam” and a rival gang called “E Street.”

The 24-count superseding indictment charges six men: Kevin Charles, Johnnie Harris, Stanley Moghalu, Jekwan Smith, Hatton, and Shuford for their involvement in a series of murders that took the lives of Isaiah Sheffield, Steven Moore, and Fogle.

It states that the violent campaign was undertaken to protect members of “21st and Vietnam” and the streets they claimed as their own territory for drug dealing.

Shuford is scheduled for a status hearing Jan. 18.

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