Johnnie Harris Pleads Innocent to Murder of Isaiah Sheffield

Johnnie Harris was arraigned last week on new charges stemming from a 24-count superseding indictment that names Harris and five other men as members of a criminal street gang called “21st and Vietnam.”

Among other crimes, the indictment alleges that Harris participated in the shooting deaths of Steven Curtis Moore and Isaiah Sheffield. Harris was charged with the murder of Moore in May 2012; the charge of killing Sheffield was added earlier this month. Harris pleaded innocent to all charges.

Prosecutors say the shootings were the result of an ongoing feud between “21st and Vietnam” and a rival gang called “E Street,” which also took the life of Tyrell Fogle.

According to documents in the case, Moore was killed not for associating with the rival group, but because he had information that could help law enforcement in investigations. Kevin Charles and Stanley Moghalu have also been charged in connection with Moore’s death.

Sheffield’s murder, though, is believed to be a part of the neighborhood beef. Jekwan Smith has also been charged in connection with Sheffield’s death.

Their trial is scheduled to begin June 10.

The superseding indictment is below.

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