Comment of the Day: “I hope your killers do something positive with their lives”

This Comment of the Day come from Anonymous for good reason who writes in about Lucki Pannell:

Oh, how my heart hurts today! 2 years, 3 suspects, no arrests. Why? I just really wish that people could solve their problems without violence. If they could, you’d still be here, and would have experienced everything a High School Senior should have. There’s such a whole in my heart when I think about you. My son hugged me so tight today when he left for school. He could tell I was so sad.

I remember when you found out I was pregnant with him. You said, ” Oh Lord, you been throwing up haven’t you?” I just laughed. You were so wise beyond your years. You said, ” I been doin this a long time. You know I got nieces and nephews.” I said, “yes, Lucki. I know. Any advice you can give me?” She said, “Don’t pay that father no mind. They ain’t no good. And don’t let that baby out of your sight!” I laughed so hard but you were so right. And I never forgot what you said. THANK YOU SO MUCH BABY GIRL, FOR EVERYTHING YOU BROUGHT TO MY LIFE. I HOPE YOUR KILLERS DO SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH THEIR LIVES WHILE THEY CAN BECAUSE ITS THE ONLY WAY TO HONOR YOUR MEMORY.

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