I thought it was over,” Witness Says in Ronald Page Murder Trial

During opening statements in the murder trial against Ronald Page Wednesday, prosecutors argued that Page had “no right to arm himself” in the disagreement with his son, which resulted in the shooting death of Nicholas Ray Satcher.

Page’s defense attorneys responded that the shooting was accidental; “threatening conduct” pushed Page to “the only choice he could think of to protect himself,” they said.

Page is charged with second-degree murder while armed in connection with the shooting death of his stepson, Nicholas Satcher, which occurred during the course of an argument with his biological son, Adrian Page, inside the family’s home in January 2011.

The first day of testimony in the case focused on the family: both Satcher’s mother, Annie Stacher, and brother, Craig Satcher, testified.

Annie Satcher told jurors that the fatal argument was about skipping school. She said that the father and son argued frequently and so she remained in her room with the door shut until she heard a commotion in the dining room. After Nicholas Satcher was shot, she took the weapon from Page and called 911.

He then waited in the back of the house until police arrived, Annie Satcher testified.

Nicholas Satcher’s brother, Craig Satcher, testified that he and Nicholas tried to keep Ronald and Adrian Page separated as the argument escalated. Ronald Page stepped away, he said, saying, “I got something to get you out of the way.”

When Ronald Page returned with a gun, the brothers refused to leave.

Nicholas Satcher stood in front of Adrian Page, and said “I won’t let you shoot my brother,” Craig Satcher said.

Craig Satcher testified that he tried to diffuse the situation by saying, “This is your boys; you raised us. What are you doing?” Ronald Page then lowered the gun and told Nicholas to get his things and leave.

I thought it was over,” Craig Satcher said.

Then he heard the gunshot.

The trial is scheduled to resume Thursday in Judge Russell Canan’s courtroom.

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