Jury Finds Ronald Page Guilty of Stepson’s Murder

Ronald Page was found guilty Tuesday of second-degree murder while armed and related weapons offenses in connection with the shooting death of his step-son, Nicholas Ray Satcher.

Jurors in the case announced their verdict after deliberating for one day.

Page, who was on release throughout the duration of his trial, has been held until sentencing.

According to trial testimony, Satcher, who was Page’s step-son, intervened in an argument between Page and his biological son Adrian Page. The argument began after Ronald Page learned that Adrian had skipped school that day, and quickly escalated when Adrian refused to hand over his Xbox game system as punishment. During the course of the argument, Adrian Page took a swing at his father and then Ronald Page retrieved a gun from his room.

Satcher then stood between the two and said, “You’re not gonna shoot my brother.”

Witnesses testified that Ronald Page told Satcher to leave the house, and while Satcher was collecting clothes from his room, they heard a gunshot.

“I don’t know why [Ronald Page] pulled the trigger,” a family friend who attended the trial said. “I don’t really think he meant to do that, but by going and getting the gun, that’s why he’s where he’s at now.”

Page is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Russell Canan September 13.

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