Michael Marshall Pleads Innocent to Antonio Headspeth Murder

Michael Marshall was arraigned Friday on charges of first-degree murder, obstructing justice and related weapons offenses in connection with the shooting death of 25-year-old Antonio Mervin Headspeth. Marshall pleaded innocent to all charges.

Headspeth was found shot and killed in the 1100 block of Stevens Road Southeast around 1:30 a.m. October 17, 2011. His body was lying against a chain-linked fence and surrounded by thirteen .40 caliber shell casings. Marshall was arrested a year later in connection with Headspeth’s death.

Charging documents in the case say Marshall was identified as a suspect through witness statements and ballistics evidence. A witness told police that Marshall was attempting to discard of a handgun at his girlfriend’s grandmother’s house. The gun was turned over to law enforcement and ballistic testing later confirmed that the weapon was used to shoot Headspeth.

Marshall is scheduled for a status hearing August 23.

The indictment is below.

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