Probable Cause Found in Marvin Harvey Death, Asia Moore Released From Jail

Judge John Ramsey Johnson found probable cause Monday that Asia Moore stabbed and killed 23-year-old Marvin Harvey. Moore, though, has been released from jail on a personal promise to attend all scheduled court hearings.

On July 3, police found Moore, 22, with her boyfriend, Harvey, who was unconscious on the basement floor of a home on Blaine Street Northeast.

Charging documents in the case say Moore told police that she was doing Harvey’s hair in the basement when the two began to argue. Harvey got upset and began punching Moore in the face and kicking her in the body, she said.

Moore then grabbed a knife from the upstairs kitchen and went back downstairs and told Harvey, “If you hit me again, I’m going to stab you,” documents say.

Harvey then charged at her, and Moore swung the knife, stabbing him in the left chest, according to arrest documents.

But Metropolitan Police Detective Brian Bradol testified Monday that the arrest documents are incorrect.

After reviewing Moore’s statement, Detective Bradol testified that Moore did not threaten to stab Harvey with the knife. Moore said, “Do not hit me, I’m not playing,” Bradol told the court.

Arrest documents also say that after the stabbing Moore waited 30 minutes before calling police. Detective Bradol testified, though, that he wasn’t sure how they arrived at that figure. He said it came “half from an ambulance crew.”

Janet Mitchell, Moore’s defense attorney, argued that the stabbing was justified and reasonable.

If someone is hitting you and not stopping, I think it’s reasonable to push out with the weapon.” Mitchell said.

Mitchell further argued that Moore meant no ill-will toward Harvey. Mitchell said that Moore returned downstairs not to confront Harvey, but because she wasn’t dressed properly and she wanted to collect her things. After the stabbing, Moore rendered first-aid, and then called police after Harvey lost consciousness, Mitchell told the court.

Judge Johnson explained his probable cause ruling by saying, “[There was] a six-inch blade plunged into the decedent’s chest in circumstances that should’ve told Moore that the wound would be dangerous.”

The case is scheduled for a felony status conference October 11.

Moore’s release order is below.

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