Links Roundup: Vigil Held in Memory of Eric Leeper, Anthony Chase, Jamie and Jamahl Jenkins.

A vigil in memory of Eric Leeper, Anthony Chase, and siblings Jamie and Jamahl Jenkins, all killed in double shootings in Ward 7 in the past week, drew more than a hundred people to Southeast DC Monday night, including Mayor Vincent Gray, Councilman Tommy Wells and Councilwoman Yvette Alexander.

The victims were all between the ages of 19 and 28.

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From WTOP:

Mayor Vincent Gray had a message for the mourning crowd.

We have got to start feeling like giving up information is the right thing to do. We’ve got too many people who think you’re a snitch if you give up information. You’re not a snitch, you’re protecting your community,” the Mayor said through a megaphone.

Gray also called for new nationwide gun laws.

It would be wonderful if we had national policies on guns. We have some of the strongest gun control laws in the nation right here in this city, and when you trace some of these guns they’re coming from other jurisdictions. We need the Congress to step up. I thought in the wake of Sandy Hook that we would see some efforts made around background checks, the effort to ban assault weapons, that there would be something that would be done to move the ball down the field,” said Gray.




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