William Hogan Held in Shooting Death of Robert Spencer

Judge Karen Howze ruled that there was enough evidence Monday to hold William Hogan, 28, in connection with the September shooting death of Robert Spencer.

On Sep. 17th at 10:22 p.m. police found Spencer lying unconscious next to a wad from a fired shotgun shell and a steel projectile consistent with buckshot ammunition near the sidewalk of 134 Irvington Street, SW, according to court records. Spencer, who was taken to a local hospital due to multiple gunshot wounds to the body, was pronounced dead at 10:59 p.m.

The results of his autopsy are pending.

Arrest documents state a witness saw Hogan, also known as “Goose,” pace back and forth with a shotgun in a courtyard in front of 134 Irvington Street, SW prior to approaching Spencer. The witness claims to have observed Hogan point the shotgun and fire one shot at Spencer.

Another witness told police that “Goose” approached Spencer and stated something to the effect of, “oh, oh, what’s up? what’s up now?” before firing a single shot.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled in the case for October 10th.

Charging documents have been added to the post below.

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