Kevin Walker Held for Grand Jury Investigation in Deaths of Siblings Jamie and Jamahl Jenkins

Judge Russell Canan found substantial probability Friday in the case against Kevin Walker.

Walker, 38, is suspected of first-degree murder in the July 2013 shooting death of siblings Jamie Jenkins and Jamahl Jenkins.

Canan said he found the combination of strong testimonies from eyewitnesses, Walker’s flight from the District of Columbia to North Carolina, the deactivation of his cellphone the day after the incident, his hairstyle change, and the sudden absence from work after good standing at The Marriott Hotel to be enough evidence to hold Walker while a Grand Jury investigates the case.

At the preliminary hearing Friday, MPD Detective Marvin Washington clarified one of the witness’ statements in the charging documents, saying that one of the witnesses who knew Walker tells police they were able to identify Walker because Walker turned to face them while pointing a gun at the Jenkins.

Washington said the witness told police that they called out to Walker, whose nickname is “Filet,” saying “It’s not that serious, Filet,” and then saw Walker’s face when Walker pointed the gun in the direction of the Jenkins. The witness approached law enforcement in late August to provide more eyewitness details in connection with the case, Washington said.

According to charging documents, an unidentified woman and Jamie Jenkins were fighting on the 5300 block of East Capitol Street shortly before the woman went inside her house and Jamie Jenkins called her brother, Jamahl. Several witnesses said they later saw a man with a stocky build wearing black clothing and a hoody walk toward Jamie Jenkins and Jamahl Jenkins while carrying a gun.

Don’t shoot my brother,” Jamie Jenkins said to the man, a witness said.

“I don’t pull my gun out unless I’m going to use it,” the witness said the man replied.

“I’m just trying to protect mine like you trying to protect yours,” Jamahl Jenkins responded, court documents state.

Jamie Jenkins died from a gunshot wound to the head and Jamahl Jenkins succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds to his back immediately on the scene, an autopsy states.

U.S. Marshals found and arrested Walker in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Sept. 26.

Walker is scheduled for a felony status conference with Judge Canan on Jan. 10.

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