2013: The Year in Crime Scene Photos

D.C.-area photographer Lloyd Wolf documents the detritus of crime scenes — leftover police tape and other emergency equipment — as well as the memorials that grow in their wake — the flowers, stuffed animals, photos, and more — at Washington’s Other Monuments.

From Wolf, here is the year in photos:

James Dean 3100 block Buena Vista Terrace SE 017 sm

Mikal Hudnall 5800 block Southern Ave SE 004 sm

Dominic Davis 500 block 57th St NE 001 sm

Lawrence Phillips 400 block 18th St NE 002 sm

Rodney Gardener 1621 21st Pl SE 013 sm

Mikey Ledbetter 18th and Q SE 001 sm

Navy Yard shrine 600 block M St SE 005 sm

Devar Battle 3000 block 30th St SE 001 sm

James Baxter 500 block 48th Pl NE 005 sm

Diallobe McDougald 1800 block Central Pl NE 003 sm

Tyree Beysean Miller 5000 block Bass Pl SE 015 sm

Alvin Allen Jr 3500 block Stanton Rd SE 021 sm

Samauri Jenkins 2600 block 33rd St SE 001 sm

Frederick Booker 4100 block 20th St NE 002 sm

Nathaniel McRae 800 block Barnaby St SE 005 sm

Kenneth Brown 1200 block Raum St NE 003 sm

Jamahl Jamie Jenkins-Leeper-Chase 300 Ridge Rd SE 004 sm

Ernest Hart 4600 block of Hillside Road SE 008 sm

Derrick Scott 300 block Parkland Pl SE 002 sm

Darius Jamal Murphy 1300 block Queen St NE 009 sm

Darius Jamal Murphy 1300 block Queen St NE 007 sm

Anthony Robinson 1900 block 17th St SE 002 sm

RIP wall 2500 block 14th St NE 002 sm

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