Comment of the Day: “You get to be on lead mic in the heavenly gogo band!”

This Comment of the Day comes from La Toya Siobhan Archibald who writes about Marcus Minor.

I was Marcus’s science teacher 3.5 years ago and I remember him being one of the most careful and methodical students I’ve ever taught. He paid attention to the details. He’s one of the first students I did a dissection with and I remember the excitement in his eyes as well the nervousness as this was his first time dissecting. He did a great job! I am deeply saddened by the senseless crime that lead to his death… something that occurred literally blocks away from me. I pray peace for his family and friends. I am grateful that I got to know such a bright and talented young man. Rest in peace young man. You get to be on lead mic in the heavenly gogo band! If anyone has any info on a memorial for him please post it in the comments section. I’d love to properly pay my respects. God bless you all!

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