Stefon Kirkpatrick Pleads Innocent to Stabbing Julisa Brittney Washington

In July 2013, Stefon Kirkpatrick, turned himself in after police found his pregnant girlfriend Julisa Brittney Washington stabbed to death in an alley.

Kirkpatrick was indicted Wednesday on a charge of first-degree premeditated murder while armed and pleaded innocent to the charge before Judge Rhonda Winston.

On July 29, 2013, at around 10:22 A.M., police found Washington in an alley on the 400 block of Brandywine Street Southeast suffering from an apparent stab wound. Medical services arrived and declared Washington dead on scene.

A witness who identified Washington as her daughter later told police 22-year-old Washington and 23-year-old Kirkpatrick had been in a romantic relationship for five years and Washington was approximately four months pregnant with Kirkpatrick’s child the day she was stabbed.

According to charging documents, when police arrived at the scene Kirkpatrick said to them, “I want to turn myself in. I did it. No more suffering, no more pain. All I want is one to the head.”

During a preliminary hearing Metropolitan Police Detective Brian Bradol said that Kirkpatrick and Washington were seen arguing moments before the murder.

During the initial investigation, the witness who identified Washington as her daughter approached police and then pointed to Kirkpatrick and told police, “That’s him,” court documents state.

According to charging documents, Kirkpatrick then approached police with his hands in the air holding a cell phone and a backpack and was arrested.

Kirkpatrick is scheduled for a status hearing on June 6 at 9:30 a.m. before Judge Rhonda Winston.

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