New Indictment Adds Charges for Daquan Tinker in Terrence Robinson Murder

Daquan Tinker, 18, pleaded innocent Tuesday to first-degree murder, felony murder, armed robbery, and six related charges in connection with the 2012 shooting death of Terrence Robinson.

This indictment is the second delivered by a grand jury in the case. Tinker was initially indicted last May on one charge of first-degree murder and a related weapons violation.

In March, Tinker declined a government plea offer to accept guilt for a second-degree murder charge.

On August 4, 2012, Robinson was found dead on the sidewalk with multiple gunshot wounds to his body in the 2600 block of Douglas Road in Southeast when police responded to a report of a shooting, according to court documents.

A witness who was robbed before the shooting told police that five people approached with two guns and took money and any valuables the witness had, including a Metro Smartrip card, according to court documents.

The witness told police that a light-skinned black male put a ski mask on and pointed a revolver at the witness’ head and forced the witness to the ground to be robbed, according to court documents.

Court documents say the Metro Smartrip card was later found near where Tinker was sleeping during a police search, and the witness later identified a photograph of Tinker as the light-skinned robber.

The witness, while still being robbed by the other four, saw the man with the ski mask approach Robinson with a gun and said that Robinson tried to run away before the witness heard three to four gunshots, according to court documents.

Judge Robert Morin set a status hearing for June 27.

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