Nine Year Sentence in Stabbing Death of Howard Venable Jr.

David Jamal Wilson was sentenced Friday to nine years in prison for the 2013 stabbing death of Howard Venable Jr.

Wilson pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter while armed in May.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Holly Schick said that Wilson had planned the robbery and sent an earlier text to Venable discussing his financial troubles.

This robbery was premeditated,” Schick said. “Mr. Wilson knew when Mr. Venable received his check. There were text messages of Wilson stating he needed money.”

Venable, 68, was found unconscious laying in a pool of his own blood, inside his apartment in the 1600 block of Fuller Street in Northwest D.C. Wilson, 21, and two other individuals robbed Venable at his apartment. During the robbery one or both of the unidentified accomplices stabbed Venable, according to prosecutors.

According to an autopsy report, Venable suffered from a horizontal stab wound across his neck, a stab wound to his right torso and a fatal stab wound to his chest that perforated his aorta.

Defense Attorney Jacqueline Cadman said the robbery was sad and that Wilson feels guilty for what happened.

There is no doubt that this is a sad situation,” Cadman said. “Mr. Wilson feels incredibly bad and remorseful.”

Cadman argued Wilson was a part of the robbery, but didn’t stab Venable.

Mr. Wilson didn’t stab Mr. Venable, but played a role. That’s why he pleaded guilty.” Cadman said. “He isn’t beyond rehabilitation.”

Schick, the prosecutor, argued that Wilson may feel sorry now, but at the time of the crime he was not and continued to rob Mr. Venable.

I know he is remorseful now,” Schick said, “but at the time he withdrew 600 dollars cash at the ATM from Mr. Venable’s account after the murder.”

In an emotional victim impact statement, Venable’s daughter Monica Kay said that her father missed out on a lot of things in her life and she is angry.

He didn’t see me graduate with my doctoral degree, which he gave plenty of support for,” Kay said. “He didn’t get to see my children graduate. I’m angry he would do that to my father.”

Addressing Venable’s family, Wilson said that he was sorry and pleaded for forgiveness.

I want to apologize to the victim’s family,” Wilson said. “I beg you to forgive me.”

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