Weekend Read: Neighborhood Mournes James Oh, Owner of Gold Corner Market

The Washington Post looked at the 16th Street Heights neighborhood mourning the death of 76-year-old James Oh, who was killed in a robbery in his store on July 4. Though the store is now closed, many tributes have been left outside the front door.

This store has been the center of many people’s lives,” [Marvin A. Jones] said. “People came in here every day to play the lottery and wait for numbers. Elderly men sat around and debated Cowboys and Redskins, endlessly. I pray the family keeps this open.”
Shebba Blakney, 50, said she has been shopping at Gold Corner for 20 years and recalled taking her young child to meet the Ohs. James Oh was nice, she said, and his wife was nicer. “If you were low on money,” she said, “they sold you things on a promise.”

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