Prosecutor: Allen Thomas “Willingly” and “Intentionally” Confronted Elike Rahmon Richardson

A prosecutor argued Wednesday that Allen Thomas “willingly” returned to a confrontation that left Elike Rahmon Richardson dead, contesting his attorney’s claim that the stabbing was an act of self-defense.

Judge Milton C. Lee found probable cause Wednesday to continue holding Thomas in connection with Richardson’s death.

On May 14, Richardson was found lying on his back, unconscious and unresponsive in the 4400 block of C Street Southeast.

Charging documents say Thomas was outside of his home when Richardson came by and began cursing at Thomas’ mother.

Richardson told Thomas’s mother, “I’ll stab you, b—,” a witness told police.

The witness said Richardson was “flipping [a] knife open and closed,” MPD Detective Damion Johnson testified Wednesday.

Thomas went back into his apartment and returned with a knife, documents say. Then Thomas, along with his mother and others, began fighting Richardson.

Thomas said he stabbed Richardson when Richardson bit him on the thumb, according to documents.

On Wednesday, Johnson testified that the witness said Thomas went up to Richardson and punched him, while the others began “striking” Richardson as well. The witness told police Richardson backed up, put his hands up, and fell to the ground, Johnson said.

Johnson said he found two knives at the crime scene: one with a red handle and a knife with the inscription “chef” on the sides covered in blood.

Johnson concluded that the red handled knife belonged to Richardson, because officers removed that knife from Richardson’s hand on the scene, he testified.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle Bradford argued that Thomas “intentionally” went into the house to get a knife and “willingly” returned to confront Richardson, instead of calling the police.

Defense Attorney Matthew Davies argued that Richardson was armed and verbally threatened Thomas’ mother, and Thomas was coming to his mother’s aid.

Thomas was acting in self-defense on behalf of his mother and himself,” Davies said.

Judge Lee said there was an “excessive amount of evidence” before his ruling.

A felony status conference is scheduled for October 6 before Judge Russell Canan.

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