Mistrial Declared on Murder 2 in Lamonte Perry Murder Case

Judge Lynn Leibovitz declared a mistrial on a single murder charge against Lamonte Perry Monday, after a jury cleared him of some charges and convicted him of one but deadlocked on the final count.

In court, the foreperson of the jury paused for a moment before telling Leibovitz that further deliberations could not help her fellow jurors decide whether Perry killed Andre Jackson.

Two jurors remained opposed a guilty verdict on the second-degree murder charge, the foreperson said.

Earlier Monday, jurors acquitted Perry of premeditated first-degree murder, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence and carrying a pistol outside of the home or business. He was convicted of obstruction of justice.

I think they will be more effective the second time around,” Alan Smith, Jackson’s father, said of prosecutors after the verdict. “They put up a good fight.”

While the mistrial is a frustrating setback, Smith said he remains hopeful for the future trial.

Judge Leibovitz set a status hearing for Sept. 15, the same day the trial of Marquette Tibbs is scheduled to begin. Tibbs is also charged with first-degree murder in connection with Jackson’s death.

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