Guest Column: Doris D. Bishop

This guest column comes from Doris D. Bishop, uncle of Edward Eugene Hall, who was killed on September 9 in a stabbing at the intersection of 1st and Brandywine Streets Southeast.

Dear Laura,

I am overwhelmed, stunned, shocked, by the shear number of senseless murders that happen here in our Nation’s Capitol each year. This is one of the most important cities in the world, but we have not learned how to protect our youth against these senseless atrocities. We need to get our young people jobs, decent housing, and out of our overpopulated prison systems, and into colleges. Too many of our 20-40 year males are being slaughtered on our city streets.

Just yesterday, I had to bury my nephew Mr. Edward E. Hall, Jr., who was robbed, stabbed, and died early Wednesday morning at the hospital on September 10, 2014. The whole family gets robbed over and over again, because he is not here anymore—it leaves a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in our hearts, as you can well imagine. The saddest part of this story is that it robs his 5 children of being with a caring, loving, and nurturing dad. He has three small children – 3 month old Elijah, 3 years old Destiny, and Chance (4), Egypt (12), and Deona (18).

This was one of the worst days of my adult life to have to go through the inexplicable and unexplainable pain of hearing the news, processing the news, and responding to the news that one of my most respectful nephews was killed in a senseless robbery. Chuck, as he was commonly referred to, was a wonderful young man who had a bright future ahead of him who life was cut short. After he had shopped for snacks for his young children in the local 7-11, Chuck was robbed and fatally wounded near 1st and Brandywine Street, SE around 11:07 pm. Later, Chuck died at the Hospital after 10 hours of surgery to try to save his life.

This whole experience has been quite traumatic for the entire family, notwithstanding the devastating void it leaves for the parents, siblings, friends and relatives. As we appreciate any and all help that has been afforded to the family, it is still an overwhelming ordeal. Only with time, God will give us the strength to move forward.

Please update me regarding what efforts is being instituted to catch the criminals? Can Chuck’s picture be periodically flashed on the major networks with the $25,000 reward monies so that there will be an urgency to motivate people to call the anonymous tip line? Moreover, we understand that there is video footage of my nephew in the 7-11 convenient store, footage of the assailants in the store with him, can you let me know what is happening with his case? What specific resources is your unit providing for the children left behind from these senseless acts of violence? What trust fund can your unit help set up for the children to ensure the children can have a bright and healthy future?

We must as the Nation’s Capitol be proactive in solving these murders, since we set the pace for the nation. We must take a leadership role in bringing criminals to justice. Helping to restore some sense of humanity and peace to our streets. As things will not be normal for none of us going forward without our wonderful nephew, we can begin the healing process when you help to remove his murders from the streets. Let’s talk, let’s dialogue, let’s fight for our youth, let’s make this world a better, safer, and more loving place.

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